Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fob Minutes 1/18/07

(Just the highlights.)

  • Weed forgot his fobbery in a Taco Bell in Tukwila. He spent the evening in shame.
  • Sir Jupiter apologized.
  • Baby Weed and Baby Fob flirted.
  • Sir Jupiter apologized.
  • Mrs. Weed was the only one to laugh at Master Fob's oh-so-clever jokes. Master Fob is considering inviting her to replace her husband in the Fob pantheon.
  • Sir Jupiter apologized.
  • Sir Jupiter suggested that Master Fob sprinkle Foxy J throughout. Master Fob ensured everyone that he had already intended to do so.
  • Sir Jupiter apologized.
  • Tolkien Boy's story stopped suddenly before the superhero and the superhenchman got to know each other. All were disappointed and look forward to reading the climax next time.
  • Sir Jupiter ended the night with an apology.


Weed said...

I, for one, am extremely offended. Lolly, for one, plans to have a work to share next Thursday and thanks you for the invitation. Actually, that was kind of a lie. All of it. Seriously.

Sir Jupiter said...

Did I apologize too much? If so, I apologize.