Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fob East Bay, First Meeting


Fob East Bay met for the first time today; charter members Theric and Jane Dough were in attendance with their respective spouses Lady Steed and Data, both of whom proved able critics (Data, for instance, even having that thericonian habit of not being able to spit out just what the heck he's trying to say before first saying what he's not trying to say a good seventy-five times). Mascot Petra was not in attendance, as she was engaged in worship of the Most High God.

This was appropriate as the evening's first selection was one of Theric's contributions to the pending Fob Bible. He received several helpful notes and hopes to post a new version of the tale to Fobfiles sometime tomorrow, Friday at the latest.

Jane Dough brought the opening pages to her new novel for fifteen-year-olds (and their neighbors in age). The amount of insanity and brain trauma present was on par for a fobbian YA novel, so all may rejoice.

Also, for a goodly portion of her reading and the subsequent critique, the Big O was tossing walruses over heads and into laps. Typical.

The next scheduled meeting of Fob East Bay is two weeks from now, less two hours and fifteen minutes.

note: this was not recorded live.