Monday, March 26, 2007

A Nipply Census


So. That experiment? I'm just curious if anyone actually downloaded it. Please comment yes or no. This was just an exercise in curiosity, so don't think I'll get mad. I just want to know how likely people are to participate in something like this.


Edgy said...

I downloaded it. Unfortunately, that does not mean I have necessarily read it yet.

Th. said...



(and counting)

Master Fob said...

I am now downloading it. I will read it tomorrow.

You may recall that I was visiting friends when you performed your little experiment, and I didn't want to spend all my time on their computer.

Sir Jupiter said...

I haven't downloaded it yet due to being swamped at work, but don't worry...nothing with the word "nipple" in it won't remain unread by Sir Jupiter for too long!

Th. said...


Ummmm. Okay, I'll not make my tally for a while yet then.

And you're right Master Fob, that would be quite unjust of me to hold that against you.