Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In (Advance) Praise of Sir Jupiter

If ever Fobly troopiter
the analyists should snoopiter,
they'll claim as super-dupiter
our clever friend Sir Jupiter.

To beaurocratic hoopiter
we know he'll never stoopiter:
no, he is no cyborg bloopiter
no, not our friend Sir Jupiter.

He's kind as Betty Boopiter!
If you should catch the croupiter,
he'd make you chicken soupiter--
that's how he is, Sir Jupiter.

Whenever Fob souls droopiter,
his cheer he does not coopiter,
(nor yet his jokes on poopiter)
our cheery friend Sir Jupiter.

He keeps us in the loopiter,
his caring is no dupiter,
yes, say it with a whoopiter--
we praise our friend Sir Jupiter!

1 comment:

Th. said...


Very nice.

When are you finally going to gird up your loins and unseat Jack Prelutsky?