Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Did Somebody Say Nipple?!

Stories That Would Sell Better Were Their Titles to Contain the Word Nipple:
  • Absalom, Absalom! I Mean, Nipple!
    All the King’s Nipples
    A Handful of Nipples
    An American Nipple
    Are You There Nipple? It’s Me, Margaret
    The Nipples Karamazov
    Canterbury Nipples
    A Clockwork Nipple
    The Cunning Nipple
    Don Quixote de La Pezón
    The French Lieutenant’s Nipple
    Gone With the Nipple
    The Nipples of Wrath
    The Great Nipple
    The Nipple is A Lonely Hunter
    I, Nipple
    The Lion, The Nipple and the Wardrobe
    Lord of the Nipple
    (William Golding)
    The Lord of the Nipples (J.R.R. Tolkien)
    Naked Nipple
    The Old Wives’ Nipple
    One Flew Over the Nipple’s Nest
    Nipple’s Complaint
    The Nipple of Miss Jean Brodie
    Tender is the Nipple
    The Nipple Who Came in From the Cold
    Their Eyes Were Watching Nipples
    To Kill a Nipple
    Wide Sargasso Nipple


Th. said...


I dunno.....

The Cunning Nipple sounds kinda dirty....

Master Fob said...

Pride and Nipples?
A Separate Nipple?
Nipple Meets Nipple?
Nipple in the Rye?

Sir Jupiter said...

The great thing about "Naked Nipple" vs. "Naked Lunch" is that you can pretty much expect the same kind of content!

Derek Dodds said...

The Nipples of Wrath . . . that is my favorite, could be something good, or bad . . . depending on the wrath and the nipple.

jen said...

I, Nipple.... so simple yet powerful. Love it. Howa bout supercalanippleisticexpienippleocious, even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious...