Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Miss My Friend

Oy vay! Oy vay! She’s gone away,
we’re really in a rut!
It’s been too long since we could say
“Hello, Queen Zippergut!”

Yes, Londonish lyres and Shropshirish shires
are housing her red, stylish cut.
While Fob-friends are fearing their love-light expires
without Queen Zippergut!

She penned female fears in their innocent years,
and never resorted to smut,
which puts her ahead of—well, all of her peers,
that novelist, Queen Zippergut!

She brought chocolate cakes for her Fobbish friends’ sakes,
and garnished it with cashew nut.
And she always forgave all their writing mistakes--
a saint she is, Queen Zippergut!

Yes—oy vay! Oy vay! She’s gone away,
and I will tell you what:
Come back! –and then you'll hear us say,
“We love Queen Zippergut!”


Mr. Fob said...


Queen Zippergut said...

Oh! That was so sweet! I miss me, too... :)

But mostly, I miss all of you. I swear there will come a time when I write again. And read again. And see you all again. And, lots of things again. I hope.

Th. said...



Tolkien Boy said...

He's murdering the time!
-The Queen of Hearts