Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In The Vain Hope That People Still Read The Foblog

Thing said to me in the month of May, 2006:


Feck it up!

.........twinkie smasher...........

Couldn’t be fecker, if you know what I mean.

That book, however, deserved to be rejected. The rejection of yours is stunning. They obviously do not want us to take them into the new world of publishing success....


My biographers will no doubt want pin down the precise historic/al moment when for the first and last time, a boy's parent liked me.

Okay, where is your bedroom?

Yo. See you then. (I'll be the one with the big nose.)

From now on, when you think of pesticides, think of Melyngoch.

If you're down with that, I'll let you know when I see you at Poetasters what I'm down with or what is down with me or what downed my mom last night in the back of Peter's car.

Happily Married Straight Friend of Gay Boyfriend Chick

I can sympathize, nay, empathize, with that sense of not-knowing.

Mr. Fob

The finger-crossing has commenced.

And Tolkien Boy, who loves me, will sadly not be joining us because he's in Ogden taking advantage of his parents' poor, defenseless insurance provider.

So, how do we guilt Edgy into writing the next chapter? I have all sorts of fun ideas...


Shall I bring you some yarn as a present? Would you act like a kitten if I brought yarn?

Tolkien Boy, honey, you can tell when someone's masturbating

You're still going to die of skin cancer at age 40.


And now that I have my nightly dose of blasphemy, I'm off to bed. (Okay, really off to grade, but same thing.)

I have to work for a few minutes, but in the meantime, can you zip me a pic of you? Or else I'll have to use the Easter blue-lip pic.

The Marchioness

When we meet again are we going to meet at Master Fob's feet? It just seemed a little uncomfortable to me.

Thank you for teaching me the past tense of swearwords. This knowledge I know will prove invaluable in the future.

I'm just trouncy, not sexy!


I'm partial to letting him cry. Besides, it upsets his mom when I do that, and we all know I derive pleasure out of making others upset.

Kinda short. Kinda round. Kinda bald.


Sounds good to me, chaps.


Mr. Fob said...

Silly boy, of course we read. It's called an RSS feed.

Edgy said...

Actually, Mr. Fob, sir, some of us only read the Foblog once a comment has been shot off to our e-mail box since there doesn't actually seem to be an RSS feed for the foblog that will feed it into a reader.

Tolkers: I'm pleased that for once I actually know what one of my comments is in reference to. Woo hoo! Of course, I'm curious as to who I wanted to let cry

Mr. Fob said...

It works just fine in my Google Reader.

Th. said...


I don't use Google Reader. I come here manually.