Monday, April 9, 2007

Scenes from FOBoston

"If there's no orgasms in your paper, well..."

"I think Boston may be the only place on the planet where you can arrive at blue through orange."

"Does anyone know where the Green Dragon is? It's a bah."

"That's Diet Coke--not Coors Light, nor water. Actually, it's somewhere delightfully in-between."

"Jellyfish are destroying the Earth??"

"Everything is trapped in the now. Waa waa waa."

"It's supposed to be lions. Maybe they're inside."


Master Fob said...

Wow, I didn't know we were taking over the whole city. Is Boston the new Ottawa?

Master Fob said...

And by Ottawa I mean Ottario, of course.

Th. said...


Holy smokes. When I just told Petra this I was not exaggerating:

Everyone I know REALLY IS moving to Boston.

Sir Jupiter said...

A special thanks goes out to Tolkien Boy for paying homage to my Italian ethnicity by recreating one of the last scenes found in "The Godfather" with the lemon in his mouth.