Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here, at the End of All Things

Things said to me by the FOB during last April; they were good times, eh?

Edgy Killer Bunny:

All hail the Brady Bunch!


This isn't about a boy. . . although that is a book and movie that you should all know and love and if you don't, I'll lend you my next counseling session for you to figure out why not.

Happily Married Straight Friend of Gay Boyfriend Chick:

Please do say mean things about me. I know I deserve it.


I'm curious what the wrath of Master Fob would be like. Chainsaws? Thumbscrews? It sounds bouncy, trouncy, fun, fun, fun to see what would happen.

Master Fob

I had no problem with "she wants to be in love with him." Maybe through some complicated accident she suspects he has something of hers? Maybe she thinks he's a serial killer? Maybe he plays in a band and she digs his music?

As usual, significant and/or meaningless others are welcome.


Just use the phrase "always already" and the word "topos" a lot and you'll be fine.

I loved your mom last night AT THE WASH HUT IN THE BACK SEAT OF PETER'S CAR!


"I can't believe they're letting such a disorganized person graduate!"

"I should always specify my aversion to touch. I really dislike non-sexual touch."


"High Inquisitor is out in full force."

"It's late for pregnant people."

Queen Zippergut:

Hormones, chemical reaction, strange voodoo, fantasies about making out with them, because other girls like the boy and they want to be the chosen one--these are but a paltry smattering of some "reasons" girls do the things they do.


I think the word "prick" must've flown through his mind like milk and honey.

I have to tell you, those ads for the new sandwich at Quizno's are keeping me up at night.


Master Fob said...

I have no recollection of my first quote. I think you're making it up.

Th. said...


I should never be allowed to speak.

Master Fob said...

Even if you never spoke, he'd make up stuff.

Tolkien Boy said...

How dare you cast asparagus on my character!

He really did say those lovely things, and you did, too. I have proof.

Further, the things I said in reply were very clever, so I of course remember them.

Petra said...

Was the disorganized person you or me? Also, for the record, I meant romantic. Or whatever else you'd like to call the sort of touch that comes from a significant other. Though sexual touch would be nice, too.