Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unofficial FEB Partification


Theric and Lady Steed welcomed Petra and Melyngoch and Tolkers to their home this fine evening in celebration of delicious food. As is typical, the visitors were roped into playing baseball by the irrepressible Big O and Large S. Little Lord Steed mostly slept.

We had a deeelightful time. I was so happy to see Mel again after all these many long years and it'd been a year for Tolkers also and I hadn't seen Petra since she's been splitting her time between Communist prisons and men (cf).

Anyway, I didn't get any pictures of the exciting stuff, but I did get this, which is about as fobular as can be imagined:

FEB 16 Aug 2009


Mr. Fob said...

Thanks for not inviting me. Jerks.

Th. said...


You're welcome.