Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wrapping up a whirlwind tour

Lucas Cranach's Adam and Eve.

I thought you might all be interest in knowing that you have been taught.

In my zippyzipfast eight-day teach of Greek Myth and the Bible and their echoes in modern literature, I have used, among other works, the following:

Mr Fob:
    "Abraham's Purgatory (for our discussion of Abraham and Isaac)

    "Deus ex Machina (part of the test)

    "Genesis" (for our discussion on Adam and Eve)
    "Original Sin" (for our discussion on Adam and Eve)

    "I Study Barnett Newman's Adam (1951) (for our discussion on Adam and Eve)

William Blake's Adam and Eve


editorgirl said...

ahem. you know that there are good poems about Adam and Eve out there, right?


Th. said...


These were easily accessible. And I like them.

It's freshmen if that makes you feel better.