Thursday, August 28, 2008

Charlotte and Eugene England Personal Essay Contest Winners Announced


Third Place: ($100) "Confessions of a Secular Mormon," by Ryan McIlvain of Florham Park, NJ.
    "This essay was a pleasure to read for its voice and its intellectual prowess. I admire it too, because there's an element of sure-footed humor at work here that wins over the audience. But most of all, I was compelled by the close and sharp observations that resonated on both the personal and social levels. If you can imagine a conflation of Will Bagley and David Foster Wallace, you might get a sense of the richness, insight, and intellectual play at work in this piece."

(I look forward to the day when I run across something like this about someone who actually reads this blog.)


Mr. Fob said...

I saw that too. Yay, Ryan!

Th. said...


By the end of next year, his resume should be twice as long as the rest of ours put together.

Maybe we should kick him out of the bible....