Monday, July 14, 2008

Th'editor-in-chief's to-do list.


    Finish Ezekial short
    Try and finish writing a polishing my Jeremiah story
    Gather in all remaining rewrites
    Reedit and proofread entire book
    Petition foreward from Almighty God

    Select illustrations for each piece
    Edit prescanned illustrations
    Order missing illustrations from either the library or Dover
    Scan needed illustrations
    Choose captions

    Finalize on book dimensions
    Purchase Tyndale
    Select other font (or fonts--there may be three total)
    Figure out how things will be layed out and spaced and use of white space (etc etc etc)

    Learn XeLaTex
    Typeset the entire book
    Make sure it actually works
    And doesn't suck
    Save as pdfs

    Come up with a Lady Steed-approved concept
    Check with subeditors before finalizing
    Trick Lady Steed into doing it for me

    Figure out most economical way to obtain ISBN
    Send to POD

    Distribute pdfs to wiling reviewers
    Sit for interview
    Get Costco to purchase 10,000 copies

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Friends of Ben said...


Oh, I forgot: find titles for my two untitled stories.