Monday, March 24, 2008

An important announcement....:


A Quorum of Fobs met today at the Thteed household.

Roll Call:
    Theric (founding member of Fob Almighty, charter member of Fob East Bay)
    Tolkien Boy (second-generation member of Fob Almighty, charter member of Fob Seattle)
    Petra (Official Fob Mascot)
    Ginsberg (FOFob extraordinaire)
Expected but unfortunately not in attendance was Jane Dough, the third charter member of Fob East Bay.

Before the normal sort of "expected" fobbery and during the bagels, Fob Bible Project Chair and Head Editor Theric officially proposed his schedule for completing the much ballyhooed Fob Bible. As seen above.

The quorum accepted the proposal and it has since been made so.

To explicate:
    The Fob Bible is once again open to new work. Please submit. We desire each to have at least one piece in the finished whole. You have until June 20.

    July 10 will be the final day for rewrites or illustrations to be submitted. On this day, design will begin in earnest.

    By July 31 the finalized, designed manuscript will be ready for publication. Only glaring errors can be considered for repair at this point.

    The book will be available for purchase by August 15 through one POD or another.
Again: we want everyone to participate. It is not too late.

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Mr. Fob said...

Yay! I was worried this would languish in development hell (as we call it in showbiz) forever. I give my Mr. Fob stamp of approval to this message.