Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Call For Submissions

When speaking of FOBmatters, we must admit to ourselves that this last summer has been something of a silent one. There have been, we admit, some spatterings of creative output, but they have been slight in the extreme. I think only editorgirl has written something in entirety, but I suspect that the FOBmajority have not seen her brilliance as I have.

I propose that we are not stagnant beings. I believe there has been work out there. Therefore, I make a call that we, as the UFF (United FOB Front) share with each other the things we have been working on this summer. I have been so linguistically lazy that I need another few days to finish up my contribution, but--think about it. The lines of communication have been dead, but they may be revived again.


1 comment:

Th. said...


Um, let's see. I don't think I finished anything. Many beginnings. Many rewritings. Little finished content.

But sure. Okay. I'm up.