Sunday, July 22, 2007

Can You Name All the Fobs?


Mr. Fob said...

NOTE 1: FoxyJ insists that Queen Zippergut's hair is brown. She's probably right, but I maintain that at some point in the five years I've known QZ, her hair has been bright red, and that's how I choose to remember her.

NOTE 2: I didn't realize until just now that editorgirl and Bewitched Librarian (nee Marchioness) are wearing matching earrings. Isn't that cute?

NOTE 3: Please remember that I haven't seen many of you in over a year and I'm horrible at remembering details like what people actually look like.

NOTE 4: I had nothing to do with the goofy positioning of everyone's hands. I don't know what invisible drinks we're all holding.

Edgy said...

I may be home of the Valhivela and all, but I don't much appreciate you dressing my like a bumblebee. Just thought I'd mention.

I will say, though, that you have done a fine job with the female fobs.

Th. said...


HOW DID YOU DO THIS?!?!?! I wanted to do a family portait and I couldn't find a single photo the dumb thing would take of ANY of us!


Anyway, it's obvious which one I am.

And I can with certainty identify you, Edgy, Quennie and Mel. I have some pretty good guesses for the others, but I'm not 100% certain.

Mr. Fob said...

I cheated. Pretty much only you (Th.) and editorgirl are based on photos of yourselves (so it shouldn't surprise me that you two are the best approximations of your real selves). All the rest are done by altering the features on the same base character. Also, the site is totally inconsistent about which photos it will accept and which ones it won't. Sometimes you need to try a different browser or a different computer--it's just really picky.

editorgirl said...

Th. is so perfect. (In this picture. In real life, it's a given.)

I think I've got everyone except the two guys in the front standing back to back.

And I'm glad you dressed me in green.

editorgirl said...

okay. they must be weed and sir jupiter, but which is which?

Oh, and Mel is beyond perfect. But since we're the same person, that's to be expected.

Queen Zippergut said...

I love this! My hair has been sort of reddy though I generally think of it as brown.

I just need to know one thing. Okay, two things. Is one Jeph? and if so, why isn't he dead or surrounded by 10 children? Hmmm??

editorgirl said...

Jeph's the one in the back next to you! I'd recognize that superior look anywhere.

And maybe I was being too much an English major, but I always assumed dead = sold out and got his degree in Shakespeare to be more marketable. Anyone else?

Th. said...


Not to repeat myself, but that picture is just awesome. It makes me love everyone.

The Big O said...